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Inverter Technology

Everyone is talking about the new inverter technology but, what is it? Inverter technology has the ability to control an air conditioning system much more precisely and gently with faster start up and smoother adjustments to maintain a more even temperature all of the time.

This technology ensures quieter operation, a more consistent air temperature, a longer life from all electrical components and a significant saving on electricity costs.

We would be happy to answer any questions and demonstrate the difference in our showroom.



Energy Saving

The compressor speed and refrigerant volume are automatically controlled to the heat load, this gives LG Inverter units a range in operation capacity of 20% - 130%. For maximum energy savings, High Efficiency Invertor Scroll Compressors are used together with Linear Expansion Valves, this can save up to 44% in energy costs.

Quick Cooling & Heating

Inverter units operate at high power until the room reaches the set temperature, this will Cool/Heat 15% faster than conventional Air Conditioning Units.

Powerful Heating Capacity

On conventional Air Conditioning units, when the Outdoor Temperature falls below 0