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Split Air Conditioning Services in Southern Highlands & Sydney

Split systems cater for medium sized areas which can be sealed off. These systems include basic units for cooling only and more versatile reverse cycle systems for cooling and heating, with wired and/or wireless remote control operation.

They consist of an outside compressor connected to an inside head unit by two small insulated gas lines. The interior head unit draws in the air around it and cools or heats it before discharging it back into the room again.

An example of effective use for a split system could be a combined family and games room in a domestic dwelling. Other uses could include small commercial installations such as a medical clinic, a small office/apartment or an office area of a warehouse/factory.

These units mostly use ordinary household power and are relatively easy to install, requiring only small drill holes through an exterior wall/floor/ceiling for the gas lines with the head unit attached to a bracket mounted on a wall. They are relatively easy to maintain and are quite economical to run for their size.

There are now models available using the new inverter technology to increase performance and decrease running costs.

Some installations could be suitable for a multi-head split system where one or two outside compressors would be connected to two or three internal head units.